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"Life changing. More than just physical strength training. A mental and emotional challenge.


I worked out with Neil on and off for a year. I've been away for awhile and missed it so much that I'm back for more.


I never thought I could be a runner until I tried Saka. At our first workout I jogged a block and nearly passed out. A few months later I could jog 5 miles on my own.


Saka is not for wussies! Neil will push you past your comfort zone but make you stop just before you feel like you're going to pass out. You'll feel like your legs are going to give out, your heart is going to pop out of your chest and you may even throw up and cry. You'll jog up and down hills over and over. You'll jump over logs, do pushups on park benches, pull-ups on monkey bars, and jog on hills with breathtaking views of the city. You'll wonder why you've been working out in the gym and not in nature.


You will be transformed!"



"Aquatics had been my only outlet for sports for most of my life. Until Neil, I was uncoordinated on land and frequently stumbled in my steps.


I learned specific strategies on balance, core integration, and breathing. These things did not come second nature to me, but working with Neil, he was able to break down running, jumping, and body-weight strength training in a way that I was able to understand and do.


No two sessions were the same, and he always challenged me to do more than I thought I could do. I am now a better land athlete and swimmer because of Saka."



"If you want results, this is for you!


When I was 30 I was 220 lbs, lean, with a 32 inch waist. Falling away from the gym, along with the years creeping up on me, I found myself pushing a 36 inch waist with a flabby stomach, and no energy.


I wanted to get back in shape but didn't want to GO to the gym. Neil showed me fantastic ways to get in shape by utilizing the outside world around me. In just a short time, and training with Neil only three days a week, I have built up my endurance, increased my strength, and shrunk my waist to a 34.


I am seeing great results and am on my way to reaching my goals, which is getting back to the condition I was when I was 30. Neil will, with out a doubt, get you in the shape you desire to be in."



"Neil pushed me harder than I would have ever gone by myself and got excellent results.


I am not a runner and now I regularly run half marathons. He kept it interesting, mixing up the routines with new moves and jogging routes and he always thought about ways to prevent injury."



"Neil is the real deal!


I love that he mixes up our sessions with running, sprinting, abs/ muscle building exercises, balancing, and uphill activities, so our time goes by quick and is never mundane. Each session is also built on the previous and he tells me his goal for me is not just to lose inches and build muscle, but to increase my endurance, agility and overall athleticism.


I've been working out with Neil for 2.5 months now and it's been SO transforming! Don't get me wrong, our workouts have been incredibly challenging both physically and mentally, but I always finish feeling wonderful and accomplished. After the first month, my friends and family started commenting on my weight loss, and I've noticed that my energy level and confidence have gone up!


Neil may be the hardest trainer you'll ever have, but when you are exhausted and feel like giving up, he will motivate and push you to the next level. Neil is professional, extremely knowledgeable with both fitness and nutrition, and has a great sense of humor which helps when the running gets tough. I'm lucky to have found him and look forward to more aching sessions."



"I've been working out with SAKA off and on for over a year now. Even though I'm in my mid-30s and my job keeps me sitting at a desk all day, thanks to Neil I'm more fit than I've ever been in my life.


He carefully plans each session to provide not only what my body needs, but also my brain, by adding variety and adventure. There are many parks in the neighborhood, and Neil knows how to take advantage of all of them. Often our workouts take us roaming around the neighborhood, sometimes to interesting spots that I had no idea existed. These hidden jewels and the variety of workouts that Neil leads me through keep fitness from becoming too routine.

Neil is very good at what he does, and also very flexible, accommodating, and positive in general. I can't recommend SAKA Fitness highly enough!"



"I am about a month into training with Saka and every day is different.


Neil, draws from a wide range of athletic disciplines training the whole body and finding those muscles that repetitive workouts miss. I have noticed that my back is feeling particularly good and my posture is improving.


With workouts including wall climbs and jumping over railings, I have a new found awareness of my body and how to move it fluidly. Highly highly recommend!"

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