SAKA [SAH-ka] is a word from the Philippine Viyasan dialect meaning "to climb". Much of becoming a better human is to perpetually grow, move, and climb to new heights. SAKA Fitness is simply the physical expression of this journey.

Every body and mind is unique so the focus will start and remain on your growth. The lessons you learn as you become physically fit and kinesthetically fluent will help you tackle whatever goals and adventures life has in store for you. 




Neil Abellanosa
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
Functional Range Assessment Specialist
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Utilizing knowledge and techniques honed through his years in multiple disciplines, Neil aims to teach and coach you into your most well-rounded, physical and mental shape. Anyone can get you sweating and tired, but it takes a coach to guide and equip you to sustainable physical excellence.


SPECIALIZATIONS: mobility & movement, athletic strength & conditioning, joint rehabilitation & injury mitigation, aerobic training, high intensity training, calisthenics, Hardstyle Kettlebell, weightlifting

BACKGROUND: Athletics (tennis, volleyball, soccer, cross-country); Performance Arts (musical theater, guitar, vocal, dance); wilderness backpacking; Muay Thai



"Life changing. More than just physical strength training. A mental and emotional challenge.


I worked out with Neil on and off for a year. I've been away for awhile and missed it so much that I'm back for more.


I never thought I could be a runner until I tried Saka. At our first workout I jogged a block and nearly passed out. A few months later I could jog 5 miles on my own.


Saka is not for wussies! Neil will push you past your comfort zone but make you stop just before you feel like you're going to pass out. You'll feel like your legs are going to give out, your heart is going to pop out of your chest and you may even throw up and cry. You'll jog up and down hills over and over. You'll jump over logs, do pushups on park benches, pull-ups on monkey bars, and jog on hills with breathtaking views of the city. You'll wonder why you've been working out in the gym and not in nature.


You will be transformed!"


—  Karina, Business Owner

Training For Life



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